Lithuania is the most southern country of the 3 Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.  All are members of NATO and the European Union.  

Currency:  Euro

Land area:   26,212 sq. mi. a little larger than West Virginia

Population:  2,830,461 (July 2017)

Capital City:  Vilnius

People:  Lithuanian 86.7%, Polish 5.61%, Russian 4.78%, Belorussian 1.34%

Government:  Unitary parliamentary republic

President:  Ms. Dalia Grybauskaite

Language:  Lithuanian is the oldest spoken Indo-European language

Industry:  Metal-cutting machine tools, electric motors, television sets, refrigerators and freezers, petroleum refining, shipbuilding (small ships), furniture, textiles, food processing, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, optical equipment, lasers, electronic components, computers, amber jewelry, information technology, video game development, biotechnology

Reference: World Factbook