Because of dwindling membership, the House of Lithuania has voted to withdraw from the House of Pacific Relations and dissolve the House of Lithuania. All meetings have been CANCELLED.

If you’ve never come to a House of Lithuania (HoL) meeting, or attended some time ago but perhaps were disappointed in the proceedings, we invite you to come to the reorganized, more pro-active HoL.  Our meetings now include talks/presentations by members and guest speakers on topics of interest to all of us. The current series should be of interest to both recent emigres and those looking to reconnect to their long-lost Lithuania roots.


Our meetings are on the first Saturday of each month - refreshments at 11 am, followed at 11:30 by our regular business meeting and the program or presentation of the month.  


Balboa Park at Hall of Nations building (part of International Cottages)
1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

 Typical Monthly Meeting Agenda:

See typical monthly meeting agenda here



Previous Meeting Highlights:

August 10, 2018 In a special meeting, members unanimously voted to dissolve the House of Lithuania.

August 4, 2018 Because of dwindling membership, the House of Lithuania voted to withdraw from the House of Pacific Relations.

February 3, 2018 Overview of genealogical "House of Lithuania Roots" project, presented by Gerry Mikas.  

December 16, 2017 Christmas celebration of Lithuanian "Kūčios".

House of Lithuania "Kūčios" at Stecker's home.

September 2, 2017 Showed the 2014 award-winning documentary "The Invisible Front"- a film about the Lithuanian partisan resistance.

July 1, 2017 and August 5, 2017 Showed videos of Lithuania.  Held a mini language class and discussed family connection project.  

June 3, 2017 Discussed 1) Lithuania’s current situation in NATO, and 2) The EU-prescribed Lithuanian quota for accepting refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

May 6, 2017 Showed film from Lithuania titled “Flight Over Lithuania: Or 510 Seconds of Silence”.

April 1, 2017 After the meeting at the usual location of the Hall of Nations, the House of Lithuania conducted a hosting from the House of Sweden cottage.

Hosting from House of Sweden cottage.

February 4, 2017 Overview of world languages, and Lithuanian in particular.  Our 3 hosting exhibitors explained their displays for the International Cottages hosting, which took place after the meeting.

December 10, 2016 Christmas celebration of Lithuanian "Kūčios".

House of Lithuania "Kūčios" at Landys' home.

November 5, 2016 Voting of new officers for year 2017. 

September 3, 2016 A live video report from Vilnius, Lithuania with guest speaker architect Algimantas Bublys.  

August 6, 2016 "Lithuanian song and dance festivals", presented by Giedre and Stanley Milas.

July 2, 2016 “Lithuania’s Emigrants - Their Language and Identity", presented by Sarunas Landys.

June 4, 2016 Showing of documentary film “How We Played the Revolution”, followed by discussion.

April 2, 2016 - "Personal Safety," presented by Adele Campbell.

March 5, 2016 - Live interactive video conversation with HoL members visiting in Lithuania.

February 6, 2016 - “Thinking Outside the Box,” presented by Levas Gruzdas.